all you need to know about day in the life sessions

What days work best for Day in the Life sessions?

Truthfully, any day. Essentially, we aren’t shooting around your schedule. We’re shooting through your schedule.

“But my son has football practice and my daughter has dance class?” Perfect. Just tell us where to sit in the minivan. We’ll be there.

Don’t be surprised if we want to start the day at 6am when your kids start to surface with bedhead. Or maybe we’ll start in the pick up line at just never know.

Together, we will chat through your calendar and see what day will work best. Please keep in mind, we do shoot weddings on Saturdays, so those are limited and we often reserve open ones for our own families. #momlife

What should our family wear?

Whatever you decide to put on for the day! Day in the Life sessions are simply normal days. Not “we coordinated outfit days”.

These sessions have nothing to do with planned outfits, and everything to do with the costume your daughter put on at 11am because it was the only way she’d finish her lunch.

Why? Because years from now, you’ll wish she was still that little and that you had worried less about what you wore that day.

We’ll be dressed comfy. You can dress comfy too.

**Fun fact: McKenzie had a Day in the Life session done a few years ago and went the entire day having forgotten to put on makeup. She wears makeup every day of her normal life. Guess what? She still loved her photos.**

Does my Day in the Life session have to be at home?

Nope. It simply needs to be a normal day in your life. Some days that means your daughter is competing to be the Iowa State Fair Cowgirl Queen. And some days that means you’re truckin’ through a Wednesday.

Additionally, we’re nearly up for anything. If you’re inspired by something unique, weird, wild or basic in your life...we want to know!

My teenagers will be annoyed.


Here’s the deal...they’re going to be annoyed in this moment. They 100% are. But we promise you, there will be a day your teenager is thankful they had real moments preserved of your family as it is.

Sure, as a parent, you’re interested in this session because you want your family documented. And we love that!

But the truth is, in the scheme of things, these photos aren’t for you. They’re for them.

There will be a day far from now, that they miss you greatly. They won’t care about the posed photo in a park they’d never been to before wearing matching outfits. They’ll care about the photo of you kissing them goodnight before they went to bed as an annoyed teenager.

Teenagers...don’t sweat it. We have our ways. Trust us. ;)

Who shoots my Day in the Life session?

If you have been recommended by a friend, whomever documented their Day in the Life session will likely do yours! If you have a preference, don’t hesitate to ask! If you don’t know who you’d prefer, tell us all about your family and we can determine who might be best for you!

What do I get?

We curate your session into a digital story slideshow for you to watch and keep as a family. This slideshow is placed on a private, password protected page.

You’ll also receive an online gallery link to view, share and order prints from. Additionally, you’ll be given the permission to download your entire gallery to print wherever you’d like.

And because we believe stories belong in books, you will also get a beautiful 8x8 album of the images that tell your story best. get a digital story slideshow + digital files to your final collection + personal printing release + 8x8 album.

What does “final collection” mean?

We’re glad you asked. The method we’re trained to shoot in requires us to take many, maaaany photographs to perfect the composition of the moment happening. Also, sometimes people blink. We weed out the stuff you don’t need.

With that, we’re reasonable ladies. But we strongly believe in quality over quantity. The images we select as “keepers” from your day are toned and color corrected. These are your final collection of images.

I don’t need the album. Can I just get the digital files?

This might be the one and only time where we’ll tell you ‘no’. Of all the things we document in this life, our families are the most important to us. Your family deserves to have an 8x8 inch heirloom.

If you’d like to make more when you have time down the road, please, PLEASE do that. In fact, we encourage you to make one for each of your kids. We’ll even tell you where to make them.

But in the meantime...your family album...we want to do that for you so it doesn’t keep getting pushed off until next year, every year.

Do you travel?

Where should we go? Want to go on vacation? Camping? Back to the family farm? We’re down. Let’s go. Travel fees are reasonable!