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There will never be another day like today.

Our true passion is documenting real moments for people.  Telling a family's story of how life is this moment...before your kids grow up and everything changes.

A Day in the Life session with award winning family photojournalists, Janine or McKenzie, can be done in either a half day (4 hours) or whole day (8 hours) session.  With this session you will simply carry out your day-to-day...but with a little extra company (us!).  Does this sound easy, yet painful?  Don't panic.  Trust us.  We can come in our pajamas if you'd like.

What is a Day in the Life Session?

Basically, we want to spend an extended period of time with your family to document the little things as parents you might overlook (but you treasure) as time goes on.  As parents of multiples ourselves, we know how fleeting the moments are with our kids and loved ones.  Having little moments in time preserved is an immeasurable thing in our opinion.  If we could get creepy and capture our kids' little voices in a bottle like Ursula did in The Little Mermaid, we would.

During your Day in the Life session we will spend time playing with your kids, conversing with you, and simply hanging with you.  We love ordinary days.  The mornings you drink 8 pots of coffee and forget your kids are still in their pajamas well past noon. The days that you go to soccer games and cook chicken nuggets and tater tots.  The nights you play Candy Land 1 million times with your children much to your dismay.  We love the summer afternoons that you go to the pool to swim or the nights you go fishing after work.  It's these simple days and simple moments in time with your family that you'll wish you had many, many years from now.

I want to do this, but I'm stressed out about it...

If it helps, we both have our families documented often.  Not only for our own enjoyment, but because we need to constantly remember what it feels like to simply be parents being photographed.  We completely understand.  Really.


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