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Nicole and Missy's experience from THEIR point of view will be posted soon!

This day was such a special one. A very near and dear one to my heart. I've know Nicole since I was in high school...21ish years. She was my basketball and track coach and hands-down the most influential person in my life. She will likely never know the influence she's had on me in the realm of all things. Being yourself, being genuine, having fun, being respectful, loving hard, being bold, giving the proper amount of *bleeps*, and working harder than anyone else. If you want to know why I treat every wedding like it's the "National Championship of weddings"'s because of Nicole.

When I met Missy, their chemistry together was perfect. They compliment each other flawlessly and they reflect the most confident love. What I've observed as an outsider/friend to their 4 year relationship is the sense of adventure they have together. They EXPERIENCE life and work hard at giving their daughter the same. Together, their love is fierce, strong as hell, and the perfect representation of what marriage and a family should be.

As I mentioned, Missy and Nicole is the "poster couple" for adventure. So naturally, their wedding planning would also become an adventure 2 weeks prior to the "I dos". Their wedding venue cancelled on them. Thus, resulting in their caterer cancelling on on and so forth. Basically, it was a trickle of cancellations and they had to plan a completely different wedding.  When most would freak out completely, they rode the wave of chaos and their friends and family teamed up to help them plan the best backyard wedding ever.  Missy's cousin offered to host the wedding at their family farm, her co-worker smoked a ton of meat for their meal, and everyone brought yard games.  This day was so fun and a true labor of love.

What I LOVED about Missy and Nicole's wedding day was that it was simple.  It was simply about them becoming a family and having their closest loved ones there.  When I asked them what they were excited about on the day of, they told me, "We're excited for everyone just to relax and play together."  And that they did.

Missy and Nicole, thank you so much for trusting me with your day and letting me into your lives.  It'll be a special one for me, always.

Love, Mac

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