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Linda and Brittany’s wedding at Bella Terre was absolutely perfect. Truly.

Now, there are many ways that a couple can choose to plan their day. Some plan an all-day ordeal full of appointments and plans and hustle and bustle. Some choose to play it on the more low-key side on a Sunday.

That’s exactly what Linda and Brittany did.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I genuinely love all weddings. Not because I fawn over details and obsess over color schemes. To be honest, those are what I care about the least. But bare with me…I’ll get to my point…

I love weddings because PEOPLE are interesting. And LOVE is simply a magical thing to experience. Not just romantic love, but family love and friend love…fearless love and bold love.

People with deep love in their hearts tell incredible stories and when you’re trusted, they let you in on those stories. This is why I love weddings. Because at the end of the day, sure, the wedding is because two people fell in love. But for us, the wedding is about the people who fell in love before you and the people that will love you after.

This is where Linda and Brittany’s wedding got me. They only had the people that love them the most in the world with them. The people that support them and will see them through anything they face.

It was a special day for me because I didn’t only get to document their day, I had the time to ask questions and hear stories about the things that meant the most to them and their families.

My favorite was a story Brittany’s grandma told me about the ring on a necklace she was wearing for the day. It was her grandfather’s wedding ring…he had passed years before. He loved Brittany more than anything, so it was hard to not have him there.

He LOST his wedding ring SIX HOURS after he married Brittany’s grandma. SIX HOURS. Not a trace of it until FORTY EIGHT years later when he had passed. They found his wedding ring in the trunk from his time in the Vietnam war with a penny stuck in the middle of it.

One of my favorite images from their day was grandma putting the necklace on Brittany. The ring and necklace is significant by itself, but her putting it on was priceless.

The couple had a gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony at Bella Terre followed by a simple cocktail hour at sunset. Honestly, I loved it. They got to drink wine and eat popcorn, chat with everyone…it was simple, gorgeous, and exactly what I would have planned for myself.

Brittany and Linda, thank you for letting me document your day. It warmed my heart from the inside out. You two are a fierce, hilarious and sweet couple and I enjoyed my time with you so much. Congratulations!

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