Nebraska Barn Wedding | Summer and Sarah

Barn Wedding in Omaha

Omaha, Nebraska

On Saturday, a special crowd of loved ones gathered together to be authentic, present and support Summer and Sarah and their family.

Sarah and Summer's ceremony was, very fittingly, nestled right in the middle of all their loved ones as they formed a tight little circle with their children.  They had asked their guests to come and be authentic with them. The word "authenticity" seemed to ring in the air as the entire theme to their wedding but also to their lives.

It was obvious to me when they first came in the discuss wedding photography that I was going to be at their wedding whether they wanted me there or not. ;)  I love nothing more than documenting real life and people that aren't afraid of that.

Their busy lives with kids mimics my own, except after spending more time with them as a family, I am sure they are way better at managing it all.

They stayed true to their own style by choosing wedding outfits from Von Maur.

The kids were definitely on the forefront of their minds as they planned.  An adorable children's table allowed for guests to color and entertain themselves when the adult activities became too boring.

During the ceremony the children gripped hands and each received a special puzzle piece necklace that together forms their family.  After being pronounced married they all embraced in a big family hug.

They had so many personal touches in the details of the day.  Getting ready together as a family was one of the highlights for me!

They had a family friend, Hector, make chips and hummus that I can't stop thinking about.  I'm coming for more Hector! A friend made the stunning cake, and Summer's Mom helped make the food.  Family and friends were woven into every detail.

The kids ruled the dance floor and the DJ's request list at the end of the night was covered in kid like scribbled hopes that resembled a wonderful piece of art to me! (frame that ladies!)   There was no shortage of love in the room. I was so happy to be a part of it all!

Love is magical in every form. We want to be a part of the magic your family makes. If you're looking for real photos that document how you feel, contact us...ok?

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