Hi!  We're Janine and McKenzie...The J and the M.

Omaha's Documentary Wedding Photographers...

Janine & McKenzie

What to Expect from US on your Wedding Day

We like to have fun!  On your wedding day, we're going to hang out with you, your family and friends, like we've known each other for years.  And at that point in our "relationship" it truly feels that way!  We're going to laugh; we're going to observe patiently for moments; we're going to joke...but we're certainly not going to interrupt the integrity of your day!  Your day isn't about us and our pictures...your day is about YOU getting married and ENJOYING it.  That's the most important part.

A little bit about us crazy ladies...

Janine Cooper

JM Studios

Janine has been photographing weddings in the Omaha and surrounding areas for 14 years!  She is inspired by silly people, endearing mothers, and adorable grandpas.  She skilled in photographing people in their element and getting a good laugh out of just about anyone..  

You can often find Janine "swinging from the fences" to get her amazing shots...literally and figuratively.  It's not uncommon for her to climb a tree or to the top of a car to where she needs to be.

In Janine's "downtime" you can find her loving her husband and three kids, going on long runs, and laughing with her lady friends.

McKenzie Hildreth Ring


McKenzie has been photographing weddings in the Omaha and surrounding areas for 7 years.  She is inspired by best friends, joyful laughs, and sappy dads.  She loves photographing people who aren't afraid to laugh too loud in public.

You can often find McKenzie in weird places just to get the right feel for a photograph.  She can be found knee deep in a lake or below the circle of a group doing celebratory shots of tequila.

In McKenzie's "downtime" you can find her playing monster trucks with her son, running far, and listening to whatever weird new music is out there.