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How long have you been wedding photographers in Omaha?

Janine is in her 16th year of business! It all started in her laundry room and grew to be the amazing empire that it is now!  McKenzie is in her 9th year! Previously, she was a graphic designer before it was cool.

Combined, we have 25 years of experience...we're seasoned, fierce, young professionals in Omaha.  You can truly have confidence in us because of our experience.

Do you shoot all your weddings together?

We wish!  Our favorite is when we get to work together!  We shoot weddings separately AND together. This all depends upon what kind of wedding day coverage you choose and each other's availability. If we're shooting a wedding without each other (sad face) then we have amazing assistants that we've trained to be with us on your day.

What is the difference between having you both (Janine + McKenzie) as opposed to one of you with an assistant?

Aside from it being super boring (haha...jk), we are both trained heavily and specifically to document weddings as photojournalists. Our continued education, training, experience, and personalities together really make us the "A Team".

When we shoot together, we both cover your day 100% of the time.

Our assistants are amazing and in the learning stages of what great composition, light, and moments are.  While we both have 9 and 16 years of wedding photography experience under our belts, our assistants generally have 2 years or less experience.

With that said, we hold a very high standard to our work and those that work with us. We only use assistants that we trust completely.  

Our assistants photograph the getting ready stages of a wedding plus the ceremony, but then turn into our lighting assistants. We’d say they roughly shoot 60% of the time while your lead photographer shoots 100% of the time.

Do you travel?

Yes!  Believe it or not, 70% of our weddings are in Omaha, while the other 30% of our weddings are generally within a 3 hour radius of the Omaha area.  We frequently photograph weddings in Sioux City; South Dakota; North Platte, Grand Island, Des Moines, Okoboji...small town Iowa...small town Nebraska...we’re everywhere.  We’ve been as far as San Francisco and Cayucos, California...Kansas to Colorado...Mexico to Belize.

Basically, we’ll go anywhere.  Be it a close-to-home destination to something a bit more extreme, we just wanna be there.  Travel fees do apply, but we’re reasonable girls.  We gotta sleep somewhere!  :)

Do you shoot same-sex / LGBTQ weddings?

100%.  All are welcomed here with open arms and hearts.  If you love each other, that's all we need and we can't wait to celebrate with you.

What should I look for in a wedding photographer?

After you've decided on which style of wedding photography you'd like to have, we feel your connection with your photographer is essential.  You will spend the most time with your wedding photographer (prior-to the wedding and even after), so picking someone that vibes with you will make your working relationship so much easier.

Selecting someone that you trust with your day, your emotions, your intimate moments, and even your crazy Uncle Bob is honestly key.

Additionally, we feel a good wedding photographer is one that has a great amount of experience under their belt.  Experience gives your wedding photographer enhanced technical skills with natural light AND artificial light (you've gotta have it). Experience also gives your wedding photographer a one-up in the problem solving it takes to photograph a wedding.

For example: finding light (or making light) when you're in a dark church (90% of Omaha); shooting formals fast when you're getting kicked out of the church for Saturday confessional; how to make a good image when there is only a dumpster and an interstate in the background; how to deal when a tornado strikes (we're talkin' to you Midwest).

We also think it's important to find a photographer that is always in the process of learning, growing, and furthering their education.

Basically...we love pressure, added elements of confusion, chaos, and being better than the season before.

Why do I want a documentary-style photographer?

So many reasons...but we’ll talk a lot about why we shoot this way when we meet with you in person.

There are SEVERAL styles of wedding photographers in Omaha and surrounding areas...and wonderful wedding photographers at that!

There are some that specialize in portraiture, some that specialize in fine art, some in film, some in dramatic wedding photography...but we specialize in documentary weddings.

We're curious at heart, have a zeal for real moments, and love making images that feel and tell stories.  We bleed passion on this topic, so it’s best to hear that in person.

However, what it basically boils down to is that we feel it’s essential to your family's history to document the people you love the most, as they are, on the most exciting day for you in this moment.

When you’re stopped to pose all day, the day no longer becomes about marriage, love, laughter, family, and friends...it becomes about pretty poses.  We feel that 50 years from now you’re going to hang tightly to the photos of the people you love and miss more than any straight faced photo in a whispey field.

With that…

Do you do formal photos and portraits?

Absolutely.  We know that family formals are super important...we just don’t spend hours doing them.

We’ve all been in “that wedding” and we know how painful it is to fake smile for an extended period of time in front of the church.

Together, with our couples, we make a list of must-have family groupings. We’re efficient in getting them done and sending you off to enjoy the rest of your day.

We most certainly do fun, moment-driven, beautiful portraits of you as a couple and your attendants. Together we’ll determine the best time to do that during your wedding day. We're not monsters...we like to feel pretty too.  ;)

Do you give out all of the RAW files?

A few times a year we’re asked if we will give the RAW files of a wedding. RAW files are the files straight out of the camera and how the camera’s sensor sees the images taken. They are uncompressed, huge in size, have way more data than you need, and can only be opened with special programs. Basically, you don’t need them.

By giving RAW files away, we would give away control of the brand we've made...and we're pretty darn proud of it.  Our Final Collection to you is our brand and we've poured our heart and souls into it.

We're going to deliver a kick-ass Final Collection to you and we PROMISE that's all you'll ever need.  Think of it this way...an author isn't going to release all their rough drafts...

Why should I pick you?

We want you to pick us as your wedding photographer because YOUR moments matter.

The overdone Pinterest photos don't matter and we want you to trust our honed-in skills to make images that do.

The wedding industry is so contrived these days that we simply just want to do authentic work for you.  We're not in the Omaha wedding photography business to one-up everyone or to win awards (although we did win Best of Omaha 2018 and 2019).

We only want to create unique images that don't look like every other image on a Google search.  You should "give us a rose" because we want to know you, have fun with you, hug your grandpa, and kiss your sisters new baby (on your wedding day...not just randomly...but don't put it past us).  

What will my wedding day experience look like with you?

Well, friends...it's no mystery that we like to have fun.  You'll find us joking with your groomsmen, giggling with your bridesmaids, and swaying a bit on the dance floor.

With that said, we hold a high standard to professionalism and take this job and your day very seriously.  We just know the best ways to get your loved ones to feel comfortable enough around us that they forget there's a camera or 4 in their face.

There is an actual method to our madness...but our genuine hearts fall in love with everyone.

Typically we start the day with the finishing touches of your getting ready process.  We hang out with you, contort into weird spots to make amazing images, and let you go about your day.  Really.

We'll have a set time for your family formals and some quick fun moment-driven portraits, we'll eat a bag of peanut M&M's, and then you can just enjoy your night!  It really is THAT simple.

We're often considered "groom approved" because we don't bother them to pose or re-do things throughout the day.  We just want to hang out.

Can we be besties?

Yes please.  We like cookies, coffee, ice cream, food, and beer...in no particular order.  Let's do those things.

Have more questions?  Let us know!

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