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Why we specialize in documentary...

It's been said...

"If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph." - Unknown

It's safe to say we've all fallen victim of losing someone we love too soon. We've all wished we had one more real moment with them, and a huge bonus would be to have it in a photograph.

We specialize in documentary photography for weddings and families for this exact reason. We want to photograph you as you are...your family as it is...OUR lives as they are...before everything in life goes crazy, because someday it just might.

We shoot this way because we feel it's an absolute honor to document your "ordinary life" and your most important milestones. 

We make images that feel. We make images that remind you of the moments you desperately wish hadn't passed so quickly.

We make images that remind you how important it was that your dad made it to your wedding day before he passed. We make images that show the joy you felt when you were finally able to marry your partner in all 50 states.

We make images that remind you of 2015 when your son wore a Batman costume the entire summer. We make images that remind you of the love you feel from your family even when life is too busy to sit down at the dinner table on a Tuesday.

We're trained, specifically, to shoot this way...because real life matters to us. Your moments are only yours...and don't look like anyone elses.

Why we only edit in true color and black and white...

Awkward to address..but hey...if you're going to be weird, be confident about it, right?

We want your images to look like life.  We want your red lipstick in an image to look exactly like the red lipstick you wore in person. We want your wedding dress to look like the exact color that it was because you picked it for a reason.  We understand this isn't the popular vote these days, and that's fine!

What is the quote? "I'd rather be someone's shot of whiskey than everyone's cup of tea." We'll take it.

We'd really love to document your life! Send us a message and let's chat!

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