let's get awkward and talk about money...


We know...money is awkward and one of those conversations our parents told us to never discuss in public.  However, just as moments are a part of your day, the investment in capturing it is too. We've been in the wedding business for a long time and would be honored to use our expertise to start documenting your family legacy!

Our wedding day coverage begins at $2,500 (yep...you get digital files). For more specific information about your wedding (because we understand every wedding is different), fill out the form below.  We believe everyone and every wedding has a story to be told...from the small weddings to the big weddings...elopements and courthouse weddings.  

Just getting started in your search? Totally fine!  Here's some helpful information you might like to know about wedding photography in Omaha, in general. Click here!

How does the inquiry and booking process work?

After you fill out the form below, we'll get in contact with you as quickly as we can to confirm our availability and arrange a "get to know you" meeting at our studio. If you are not planning a local Omaha wedding or you are not currently in the Omaha area, no worries!  We're happy to arrange a phone meeting or video chat with you! 

Why do we like to meet in person?

There's only so much you can say in a contact form, right?  We don't want to know the "contact form you"...we genuinely want to know the real you. We want to see and hear the way you light up when you talk about the one you're going to marry. And we want you to know the real us.

For our style of photography, it's important to get to know each other. And we think it's insanely important for you to know exactly who's going to show up on your wedding day.

We don't want to be "just the wedding photographer"...we want to be your friend...an extension of the family...a trusted wedding professional.

What happens in our "get to know you" meeting?

We're going to chat about everything. We want all the details about you as a couple, your families, your pets, your favorite things to do, etc. In order for us to make images that FEEL on your wedding day, it's important for us to connect with each other. We'll talk about your wedding day and any plans you might already have...what you're excited about and what you're stressed out about.

We'll show you current work and go into detail about why we shoot the way we do and what that looks like for you on your wedding day. You can ask alllllllll the questions you want. And you guessed it, we'll have awkward money talk. But it's ok...we do this a lot.

Then what?

After our "get to know you" meeting we'll send you home with a contract to read over with anyone involved in your planning process. We understand that sometimes the financial responsibilities are often not 100% in your hands! If anyone involved in that process has questions, we're happy to help in any way or meet with them as well! 

From there, if you want to book us, you shoot us an email and we make magic happen.

Wanna get to know us and eventually have awkward money conversations?

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