engagement sessions...it's our first date.

We love engagement sessions!  Not just because we're jonesin' to photograph you as an engaged couple, but because it's our first official date!  It's the start of our very own "budding relationship."

What's our approach to engagement sessions?  
We really, really love experiences.  And frankly, every love story deserves to be captured in a photograph.  Do you love to tailgate every weekend for your favorite team?  Let's tailgate!  Did you go bowling on your first date?  Let's go bowl!  Are you obsessed with your furbabies?  Let's take them to the park!  Do you have your own "Cheers" of Omaha?  Let's go there and grab a beer!  The possibilities are endless and we LOVE to dream big to create custom art just for you.  We want your engagement photos to reflect you, as a couple, right now.

Why do you have all these wild ideas?
Because we all have the awkward prom photo in the dusty blue sparkle dress, with pointed toes, and Zoot Suit that was trendy for a hot minute hanging in mom's living room.  With that said, we're going to take some gorgeous moment-driven portraits of you, but we want you to have a blast while we're doing it. 

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