Omaha's Documentary Wedding Photographer

Life is joyful, messy, hilarious, awkward, big and everything in between...and that's what we love.  We love to tell the story of your life as it is, because that's what will matter at your 50th wedding anniversary.  Weddings aren't about dresses, bow ties, and mason jars...they're about you and your best friend since 4th grade; they're about your dad walking his baby down the isle; they're about grooms crying in public for the first time since elementary school.  They're about life...a big life...and that's the good stuff.

Why weddings? be honest...we love relationships and we're passionately curious at heart.  We THRIVE on the hustle and bustle of a crazy day.  We LOVE to be a part of your family and friends for this incredible time in your lives.  And we truly care about capturing organic MOMENTS for you as you simply enjoy your day.

So...What does "documentary wedding" really mean for you guys?   We are heavily trained in photojournalism FOR weddings.  Every year we attend workshops, conferences, and participate in mentorships to hone our craft in bringing documentary wedding photography to Omaha.  Like our good friend* Jerry Seinfeld says, "You can be passionate about anything"...and well...we're passionate about telling true stories at weddings.  We won't stop you to fake moments or recreate them.  We've all been in weddings where we're stopped every single second for a photo, or asked to do things over to catch it on camera.  That's not fun OR real...and you'll remember that when you look back at those photos.  We get the best stuff when you're just having fun, being in the moment, and getting married.  This is a wedding day!  Not a photo shoot.

*We don't actually know Jerry Seinfeld...but if someone does, can you give him our number?