Weddings…what to expect.

Hello! We’re so excited you’ve checked in with us about your wedding! Here you’ll get a basic overview about our style of wedding photography, things to think about, and investment information. We would LOVE to get to know you in person. If it sounds like we might be the perfect for your day, send us your availability below!

What’s our style of wedding photography?

We are moment-driven documentary wedding photographers! What’s this mean? We will only pose you during family formals and your brief, efficient portrait time. Why? Because it’s your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day, not a modeling session.

Wedding documentation in the Omaha-Metro Area begins at $2,500 for 6 hours of coverage, one lead photographer (Janine or McKenzie) plus one of our trusted assistants. You’ll also receive the high resolution digital files to your final collection.


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