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Top 5 Best Wedding Trends in Omaha

Wedding Trends: They're not just color pallets and mermaid dresses.

JM Studios best wedding trends of 2016!

About this time we're often asked if we've seen any new "wedding trends" pop up.  It's a new styles are out...Quarter 1 wedding magazine issues have been out.  While that generally means color schemes (aqua...coral...blush galore!), dress styles, shoes, decor (are mason jars still a thing?), those aren't the things we connect with at weddings.  Bold statement, right?  Wedding photographers not "connecting" with wedding trends.  Yep.  I said it.  To be honest, our couples could get married in trash bags in the rain, and we'd get the coolest things out of it.  So we've compiled a list of our own "2016 Wedding Trends" that we're seeing within our own clients this year that we thought we'd share.  These trends aren't about style...they're random...and things we're excited for.

A new spin on Bridal Attendants

This might be one of our favorites.  Over the course of the last 2 years, we've seen an increase in "not your typical bridal attendant".  What's this mean exactly?  We've had "Little Sisters" from Big Brothers Big Sisters flown to a destination wedding to be a part of their Big Sister's/mentor's special day.  We've had grandmother's walk down the aisle as Matron's of Honor; dad's walk down the aisle as Best Men; adult flower girls and ring bearers.  We think this is quite possibly the sweetest and most genuine and meaningful way to develop your bridal party.  In 2016 we have another young mentee standing up as a bridesmaid with her mentor, and another grandmother standing up with her granddaughter.  It doesn't get any better than this.

adult flower girl


We have SO MANY siblings this year!  Meaning, we're shooting weddings for multiple siblings, and that's super fun!  We've actually had several of these over the last few years, but this year, we're really noticing it!  We LOVE this, because it makes us feel like we're a part of the family, and that we really JUST MIGHT get that invite to Christmas dinner.  :)  We also, shockingly, have had an insane number of twins!  In 2014 we photographed a 1st generation set of twins, in 2015 we photographed a 3rd generation set of twins, and in 2016 we'll be photographing a bride and groom that are 4th generation twins!  They're EACH twins!  Que the Matrix.  This is crazy...and the coolest.

sibling weddings

October 8th

Yes.  A date.  As a trend.  As the majority of you know, Nebraska lives, breathes, and bleeds college football.  Every winter the ladies get engaged and the men start looking up the Husker Football Schedule.  Thus, October 8th, 2016, Husker bye-week, is the most popular date in the state to get married.  It can be guaranteed that every trolly, limo, and party bus will be full of Nebraska enthusiasts getting hitched all over the state on this day.

Other popular dates are September 24th, October 15th, October 29th, and November 5th.  Why?  Nebraska away games.  We practically know our whole fall schedule as soon as the football schedules come out.

husker brides

Unique Music

This could be considered an actual trend, but this is a bit more about ambiance than anything else.  Last June, we had an INCREDIBLE backyard wedding with a local cajun band, and it was the coolest, most unique band ever for a wedding.  Was the couple from Louisiana?  Did they love the south?  Did they do a crawfish boil?  No.  They just liked it, so they picked it.  A few years ago we had a couple with dueling pianos for their reception!  Talk about a blast!  It was unique, interactive, and kept the dance floor alive!  This year, we've got a few weddings with mariachi bands...and we couldn't be more excited for something unique and fun!  We encourage you to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!  Do you love the DJ that spins at your favorite club?  Ask him if he'd be down to do the exact same thing at your wedding!  Do you love the live band you saw at a small wine festival?  Ask them if they'd help create the atmosphere for your day!  Do you like the dude always playing on the street corner of the Old Market?  Ask him!

unique wedding music omaha


Yep.  I made these words up.  So what is a "mantendant" you ask?  This is a good friend that has style, that simply helps your groom with his style.  This mantendant lint rolls your jacket, makes sure your hair gel isn't all wonky, and holds your whiskey flask in his jacket pocket.  What's not to love?

"Mantivities"...a groom and his men doing activities.  Gone are the days when the guys just have to sit around and wait while the girls primped.  Recently, we've had a lot of grooms and his men get fresh straight-shaves the morning of their wedding!  It's relaxing, soothing, and makes for some really fun moments.  There are some great little barber shops in Omaha that will do these, and some newer ones like Scissors and Scotch, that are happy to accommodate a group for the morning.  We've had groups go golfing, bowling, and just out to eat wings and watch football before the ceremony happens.  We love dudes that do.

groomsmen omaha
groom activities

So there ya have it folks...our very own "trends" for Omaha in 2016.  We really hope they take off...because a wedding isn't about the decor, or the dresses, or the cakes that look like wood stumps.  They're about the people you love and having a good time.


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