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Day in the Life Sessions are so special to us. Being trusted to come into one’s home and world for the day requires an insane amount of trust. Being trusted to document that day is on a whole other level. And when you’re photographer yourself, it can be difficult to put that part of our brain away for the day!

I first met Karyn through a photography group on Facebook where we shared the mutual love of family documentary work - she has also been mentored by my dear friend, Kirsten Lewis Bethmann. Naturally, we hit it off right away. Karyn not only sees the intense love and value in life, she sees the absolute humor in it and that’s why I adore her the most. Anytime spent with her is a total joy.

When Karyn asked me to document a Day in the Life for her, I couldn’t wait. The snippet of her life that she would mention to me throughout our time getting to know each other had me reeling. It’s always an “adventure” for her and her family - from home schooling to community bands, Renaissance Fairs to blacksmithing - the Backus’ love living life the the fullest.

Karyn’s Day in the Life session was a dream. Kids in pjs, reading books, picking up out chicks at Bombgaars, greenhouses and planting flowers, playing with fire, Korean BBQ and lots out outside time. They’re a family that’s not afraid to work hard and play together.

As a mom and photographer, I know what it’s like to only be the one taking the photos and to never be in them. Being able to capture Karyn in moments with her family brought so much joy to my heart.

Karyn, Rick and kids - thank you for letting me into your home. I adore your family so much. I’m inviting myself to spend more days with you!

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