Callaway MN wedding

Maplelag Resort Wedding

Omaha Wedding Photographer

Makenzie and Adam knew before they got engaged that they wanted to get married at the cross country ski resort Makenzie had gone to as a child.

If you think the nostalgia of the place was what drew them to that choosing it you would only be a little correct.  More important to them was the actual feeling that a place like Maplelag would provide them, their friends, and their family. 

I was a total stranger to Adam and Makenzie when we met at their rehearsal dinner.  They were decked out in authentic German attire and I wasn’t sure what I had just signed up for- but lets face it, I’m always in for costumes. They live in Germany full time and had to put all their trust in me via one international phone call. I felt so loved, embraced, and also full of wishes that others would could reconnect and have authentic relationships in their lives.  

At Maplelag- it is a step back to simpler times.  Rustic accommodations are cabins and bunkhouses that are reminiscent of summer camp.  There aren’t tv’s and good luck getting a cellphone signal. You may as well put your laptops away- the wifi isn’t going to cut it.

Instead you find yourself filling your time with lawn games, playing cards, having your feet in the sand and indulging from their bottomless cookie jars.  All the meals are together- family style. An experience that is somewhat lost in the busyness of todays culture. You have conversation.  You laugh.  You look each other in the eye. And you absolutely play.  

Having traveled all over the world- they came back to their roots and surrounded themselves with warmth, love, and the best family and friends to start their newest and grandest adventures together.  

I left feeling like I too should get out my footie pajamas and join the Wright girls under their ridiculously large christmas tree come christmas time.  What and authentic and real wedding filled to the brim with love.

Thanks for trusting me!