Happy Valentine's Day from your Favorite Omaha Wedding Photographers!

Here's to Love

Omaha Wedding Photographers

Here's to love!

Here's to old love and new love...to "the long road" love and the "we just met" love.

Here's to the love you saw comin' from a mile away and the love that completely blindsided you.

Here's to the love that makes complete sense to everyone and to the love that makes sense to no one.

Here's to the love that stuck the first time...and to the love that finally stuck the third time.

Here's to the love you met in elementary school and the love you met on Tinder.

Here's to "normal" love (whatever that may be)...and here's to "weird" love. 

Here's to "galentines" and "bromances"...family love, pet love, and the love to just stay home. 

Here's to the love of pizza, wine, and Netflix binges.  Here's to loving yourself and loving each other.

And most of all here's to the love we have for you.

The J and the M