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Janine's Winning Photos!

We are SO excited to announce that Janine has won SEVEN...count 'em...SEVEN awards in the Family Photojournalist Association awards!  To view her her FPJA profile, click here!

What is the Famliy Photojournalist Association (FPJA)?

We're glad you asked.  The FPJA is basically a "home" for Documentary Family Photographers!  This awesome resource of a website is where qualifying professional photographers who specialize in documentary family photography can apply to feature their work, connect with families, and enter contests.  This website and resource is a great privilege to be a part of and requires you to submit work showcasing that your family photography is based around the concept of photojournalism.  For those of us that shoot with the principles of photojournalism, this website gives us "street cred".

What's the Contest all About

The FPJA contests receive submissions from all over the world!  They select four judges to select and vote for their favorite images out of all of the submissions.  Images that receive votes from all four judges get a Gold Medallion and images that receive votes from two or three get a Blue Medallion.

Why we LOVE Family Photojournalism

We love REAL life.  We LOVE delighting in the perfect mess that is our REAL families.  We love nose-picking kids, spouses that wear camo shorts with plaid shirts and work boots, and daughters that insist on wearing sweatpants under their Christmas dress.  Why?  Because that is THEM.  That's not the "dressed up for picture day" them.  That's their personalities frozen into a photo...and to us, that's worth a king's ransom.  We know there is a time and place for a beautiful portrait...we all want those as a family...but 9 out of 10 times, we'll choose the REAL you, and the REAL us, every time.

Janine's Winning Photos!

We want to document your family as it is.  Right now.  Let's talk about it...

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