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I LOVE clients that challenge me.  Emma and Ben are creative, quirky and like to be a little bit different.  That is a match made in heaven for me as I love to be pushed creatively. 

When they came up with getting their engagement photos done in their 600 sq ft apartment in Omaha, I knew it would be challenging.  Add in a dog, even better.

We preach taking photos of your real life.  If you've been around us for long you know that documenting where you are and who you are in your life is important.  Whether it is where you want to be, your final destination, or just a step a long the way it is all important.

When it comes to getting your engagement photos done, we want them to reflect who you are as a couple in these moments before you are man and wife.  You'll treasure these moments in your life when you look back at them years later and can remember how they felt.

Emma and Ben, now that we've been REAL close, I can't wait for your wedding day!


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