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McKenzie...Class of 2001.  Thanks dad, for still having this on your fridge.

McKenzie...Class of 2001.  Thanks dad, for still having this on your fridge.

Sometimes it's the summer of 2000...and sometimes you LOVE playing softball.  I mean...softball is life.  Right?  And sometimes you wear this really pretty poofy prom dress the spring before...and you're like "You know what...let's put this dress on, go barefoot, grab all my catchers gear, and stand in a gazebo for my senior photos".  I was 16 when I had these photos taken.  I just turned a HOT 33 this week.  I was a baby.  And this was the best decision I thought I could have ever made (in addition to buying the 100% classic Woah Nelly! Nelly Furtado album).  While I do look at this photo quite often (not as often as my homegirl, Janine...because she laughs uncontrollably) I do look at it and think, "Hm...that's a 'lot of look' I've got going on".  It would be nice to look back at a classic photo of that's not in a prom dress, or in a sweater that I'm pretty sure I bought in the men's department.  But, I do look back and think "I would love to meet 16 year old me RIGHT NOW..." because I embraced myself.  I was probably weird as hell...square as can be...and really into softball.  And I like that.

But times have changed!  The whole way Senior Photos in Omaha are done have changed!  Heck, the way seniors are, in general, has changed.  They're a whole lot "cooler" and put together than we were back in the early 2000's (or maybe less?...I doubt it.).  I mean, they learn how to do their flawless makeup via YouTube tutorials now, while we used to put on a little bit of Buff Beige powder and some Shimmering Sands eyeshadow and felt made up.  16 year old me is envious of your flawless makeup.

The point is, you're different.  And you're beautiful.  And you don't need a prom dress, a catchers mit, and a gazebo to show it.  We LOVE photographing seniors because we love simply documenting you during one of the craziest times of your life.

We’re just regular people...and we’re just regular moms, who understand the importance of having great photos of your kids.
— Me...on the phone just now with a dad

But whatever you do...skip the gazebo.  We can do SO much better.  We LOVE being able to shoot in a variety of locations suited to your style.  If you love that Midwestern "I'm in a field" look...we know just the spot.  Do you love the freshness of a classic studio portrait? do we and we HAVE a studio of our own!  Do you love the Urban moderness of brick and ivy?  Super...we've got that!  Your world is our oyster.

We'll stop the cheese here.

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