Players Club Wedding in Omaha | Jamie and Kyle

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Jamie and Kyle could give a class on "How to Embrace your Wedding Day", or "If Life Gives You Rain- Jump in the Puddles".  They had been planning for their wedding day for over a year.  They wanted a gorgeous spring wedding surrounded with their friends and family. Mother Nature decided she wanted an invite too- and it was freezing and rainy. Instead of getting upset about what they couldn't control- they bought some umbrellas and rain boots.  Not only did they use them- they froze, giggled, climbed muddy mountains and jumped in the puddles.  Their wedding party gets an award for complaining the least and having the most to complain about.  Beautiful shoes were destroyed, dresses muddied, and a million real memories were made.  Some other great moments of the day were when Jamie's 98 year old Grandma showed up and was kissing and holding ALLLLL the babies.  She was a celebrity and for good reason!  Kyle beaming so big during the vows, some of the cutest kids dancing ever, and some brace family toasts.  It was such a fun day and I loved freezing along with you.

Dessert- Cupcakes and More

Dress- Bridal Traditions

Florist- Everbloom

Bridesmaid dress- JCrew

Church- St. John Vianney

Reception- Players Club at Deer Creek