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Make sure your wedding party includes people you can count on – I made my two sisters my maids of honor and my husband’s three sisters my bridesmaids, and they saved the day on multiple occasions the day of the wedding.

Choose your battles wisely – I realized when everything was over that there were certainly some things I didn’t need to worry about as much as I had. For example, I spent a long time worrying about finding the right shoes, but as soon as the ceremony was over and we had taken pictures, I took them off and exchanged them for a more comfortable pair of flip flops (which one of my bridesmaids had kindly gone to get for me earlier that day).

Don’t worry so much about seeing and talking to every single guest – At the end of the night I found myself worried about not getting a chance to stop and talk to specific family friends or distant relatives, but looking back I wouldn’t have done anything BUT talk to family friends and distant relatives if I had in fact stopped to talk to all of them. I got around to as many people as I could during our cocktail hour, but I enjoyed spending most of the rest of the evening on the dance floor, and I can’t regret that.
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