Sunnybrook Community Church Wedding | Tom + Cassie

Marina Inn Wedding Reception, Sioux City, Nebraska

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I have absolutely loved getting to know Cassie and Tom. They are so genuinely kind, carefree, hilarious, and easy to get along with.  Telling their story on their wedding day was one big celebration (as it should be). A celebration of their love, a celebration of their family's love for them, and a celebration of their love for Jesus.

Most wedding days have a "set plan". We'll meet here, and see each other here, and we'll go here, etc. Theirs, originally, to have a Sioux City wedding at their favorite golf course and then have their reception. And then plans changed unexpectedly a few weeks before and they were going to get married at the church they work at, but have a first look at the golf course and then go from there. Great. Perfect. I love it. Well, as you all can guess, it rained, AGAIN, that Saturday for the 5th consecutive day. I honestly expected to arrive on the day and have the "we need a plan B" talk. But no! Cassie couldn't wait to see Tom for the first time on the golf course, in the rain. Me, my sweet assistant Sara, and the awesome videographer, Darren, all first bumped the air, and headed out the door. It was magical. I'm dying to see Darren's footage of this, because it was straight out of a Rom-Com. Cassie sneaking up on Tom with an umbrella and Tom just waiting in the rain for his bride. It. Was. Perfect.

Their wedding ceremony at the Sunnybrook Community Church in Sioux City was perfect and filled with praise, worship, and an auditorium full of joyful guests. There was so much love in that room.  I have photographed weddings in Sioux City for a few years now, and they've nearly ALL been in the Sunnybrook Community Church, and I have to say, it's always so welcoming and wonderful.  I always LOVE being a Sioux City wedding photographer!

After Cassie and Tom said their "I do"s, we went to the Sioux City Marina Conference Center for the most awesome dance party ever (and most awesome DJ!).  I must say, one of my favorite parts of the night was when Cassie and Tom announced that they'd love to talk to everyone there, but they'd have to find them on the dance floor.  :)  The absolute best. And dance, they did.

Tom and Cassie...I can't even tell you how much joy your day, love, family and friends brought to my heart.  You're going to have a fun life together!  Congrats!

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