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Kids at Weddings

Keeping your kids entertained at weddings... 

Advice from Omaha wedding photographers (and moms) .


Last weekend we photographed an amazing brunch wedding in Omaha!  While mostly unique, this wedding was a fairly traditional ritual union, dawned with a ring bear and two flower girls. These kiddos were SO well behaved, polite, and adorable to boot. What we LOVED is when they showed up to the brunch reception with Kodak disposable cameras! Just the three of them...little, mighty, and ready to snag some shots.  It was so fun watching them and it kept them busy and engaged in a great way with the rest of the guests. They felt creative and important when the "elders" asked them to take a picture. It was fantastic.  We'd sure love to see their perspective, because it was adorable from ours, without a doubt.


Do you want to keep your "little" attendants occupied with fun at your reception? Give them a couple disposables and send them on a photo hunt! Have them find things like: a man with a mustache, a woman in a blue dress, a kid who's eaten their whole plate of food, grandma on the dance floor...keep them busy and having a good time! 

Meet Janine + McKenzie

Omaha's Best Wedding Photographers

Let's see how Omaha's Best Photogaphers are kicking of 2016 wedding season!



Meet Janine! To say she is excited for Wedding Season 2016 is an understatement.

Her shameless pre-wedding car ride "warm up jam" this year is My House by Flo Rida. Her goal this year is to win the "national championships" of wedding photography. We treat every wedding like a national championship, so this shouldn't be a problem.



Meet McKenzie! She's jonesin' to slay Wedding Season 2016!

Her shameless pre-wedding car ride "warm up jam" is The Sound by The 1975.  Her goal this season is to also win the "national championship" of weddings with Janine and kick ass in every way possible. And perfect her dance moves.

Wedding Photographers in Omaha

New Years Engagements

Happy Holidays from both of us here at JM Studios!  We LOVE this time of year not only because of the sugar cookies, mystery Midwestern blizzards, and lofty New Years Resolutions...but because LOVE IS IN THE AIR!  Love birds are getting engaged left and right, and we love it!  Simply put, we want to photograph your wedding.  We might not have "accurate" advice on what Pantone color pallet you need for 2016...and we might not worry about what VSCO film filter is popular right now...but we can tell you with absolute certainty, that fantastic wedding photos come from people, in love, having a good time.  And that's what we want to do.  To have a good time...and watch you have a good time, while capturing you in the moment.

So whaddaya say?  Let's do this.  Let us show you how we love to spend our weekends!