Wedding Wear For the Omaha Groom

Unique Grooms Fashion for the Omaha Wedding

An unseen twist on the grooms attire.

The other day I was editing photos and watching a little Shark Tank in the background.  I can't help but get sucked into the show full of big dreamers and wacky ideas.

Onto the show comes two adorable gentleman with the coolest idea in fashion for men!  Two Guys Bow Ties!  I saw their wooden bowties and immediately thought how cool they would be for the men of Omaha for their weddings!  They also have the coolest wooden lapel flowers that could be an incredible alternative for your standard flower boutonniere (though our favorite florist in Omaha are ANYTHING but standard.  Seriously.).  They could even be incorporated somehow into traditional flowers to give them that extra pop!  You can even CUSTOMIZE them to fit your wedding aesthetic!  Guys!!  These are the coolest things I've ever seen!

So when you're planning you wedding, think about ways to get creative with your menswear too!  Someone please, please, please get one for 2016!

Two Guys Bow Ties

Two Guys Bow Ties