We're Alive, We Swear!

Fall for Photographers, is April for Tax Preparers

Hello everyone!  It's be a looooong hot minutes since we've last blogged all of the amazing weddings in Omaha (and surrounding areas) that we've had this fall!  Truth be told, we're in the "bury your head and edit and don't surface until it's done" mode.  AKA, Beast Mode.  We know...we know...you've missed us and seeing the unique weddings we've photographed!  We'll be getting ALL of our weddings up soon!  We promise!

In the meantime...here is us photographing the Best of Omaha 2018 Festival...Puppy Pageant.  Yep, Puppy Pageant.  Why?  We'll get into that soon too...we have some fun(ny) stuff to announce!

Afraid we've lost our minds and want to make sure we're still alive?  Want us to document a funny day in your life?  Want to send us all the coffee and cookies?  Shoot us a message!

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