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Welcome Home Henry

A Day in the Life Session.  The Photographers Point of View.

Day in the Life Photographers in Omaha

Whenever we have a strong opinion about something around the studio we joke, "here comes a blog post!". Today is one of those days! We are SOOOO passionate about documenting your life.  The real and authentic life that makes you.  We have all read articles on Facebook about how we aren't supposed to care about our extra 5 lbs. The ones that say we should just get our photos taken anyway.  What they don't talk about is how HARD it is to stop focusing on the here and now and to think about what these photos will mean in the future.  These photos are actually not for you at all.  These images will be powerful to your children as they grow.  They will be reminded of the love and life that surrounded them.  They create a legacy for your family.  It is pretty easy to get photographed in a new outfit, with your hair and makeup done and with a bunch of fake photoshop.  But what about the REAL YOU? Sometimes the most powerful and important things aren't meant to be easy. 

Here's my own story.  We had been trying to adopt for the past year.  It wasn't something that we felt we had to do; it was something that grew in our hearts.  Once adoption grabs a hold of you- it tends to not let down.  Instead, it changes and grows your heart.  Adoption is a crazy road.  I had been down it before and knew that every adoption is different but that they are all hard.  Throughout the year we had experienced 2 failed adoptions. There were many dollars lost and broken hearts.  It was hard on us and our kids.  They thought they had a new brother, and then a sister, and then finally they got a very unexpected brother.  We had gotten a last minute phone call which resulted in us away from our kids, them with grandparents, and all of us apart for the entire month of May.  I came back to give the kids some normalcy and to shoot a few weddings.  FINALLY, my husband, Jeff, and new baby Henry got to come home.  They flew in at 1 am on a Thursday night.  We decided to surprise the kids that morning and not tell them we were all home together.  We asked McKenzie to come bright and early (more like dark and early) to document that first hour before school when they stumbled out of bed, one at a time, and back into "us".

These aren't pretty. There is A LOT of bedhead, undies, and just the raw us.  We are sooo tired.  It shows in the photos.  And that is okay.  They tell our story.  They matter.  And I guarantee that in 5 years they'll matter more.  In 50, even more.  

Let us photograph the real you! Whether it is a normal Sunday morning, a special occasion, or a yearly occasion- invite us in.  It will matter too!  Can we document your life?  Shoot us a message, by clicking here...let's document your legacy.

Welcome Home Henry.


There is value in documenting your life!  Let us do it for you!

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