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During planning, while Aj and I paid close attention to aesthetics, we weren't extremely picky with all of the details of the wedding. We figured that it was better to save money whenever possible, and that having a beautiful marriage was ultimately more important than having the "perfect" wedding (although it seemed pretty perfect to us anyways!). We saved a lot of money by doing a lot of greenery in the bouquets, having a buffet instead of a coursed meal, and growing our own flowers for the decorations. We were also very blessed to have our photographer paid for by Aj's aunt as her gift to us.

It was important to me (Charity) that we have the wedding at Porter's Lake, which was both sentimental and provided the opportunity to roller skate at the reception! We had a blast rolling around that place with all of our favorite people. Even though every little detail didn't go as planned, just rolling with whatever happened (get it? rolling? hee hee) was the plan all along and it worked out wonderfully for us. 

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