Scoular Ballroom Wedding | Anne Marie + Jake

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Scoular Ballroom Wedding Venue

When I think about Anne Marie and Jake's wedding in Omaha, I will forever be struck with how much of blast it was.  Their group of friends are amazing.  Not only do they care deeply for these guys, but they are over the top fun. They know how to have a great time together and are such a good team.

Their friends and family made sure they looked flawless as they got ready at the Embassy Suites in Downtown Omaha and then they made their way to St. Thomas Moore which provided a beautiful ceremony spot and some very sweet I-Do's.

They boarded Ollie the Trolly for a hilariously great time around Omaha with some flying Jimmy John's before their reception at the Scoular Ballroom. Now...we're on a lot of trollies and party busses and a LOT of things fly past our faces.  Generally it's beer or coozies.  Jimmy John's sandwiches with the intent of being caught in the mouth, though? One of my favorite parts of the day was when the groomsmen couldn't contain their excitement anymore and HAD to show me the bro-tanks they had hidden under their tuxes.  As if they weren't fun enough...this sealed the deal.

It was evident that both Anne Marie and Jake learned how to love and laugh deeply from their families.  Anne Marie's sisters toast was one for the books.  They did a song and dance routine bringing back special memories from their childhood.  Being from Pittsburgh, they had a cookie table.  This is one of my very favorite "unlocal" traditions that I wish would become an Omaha traditional as well.  Special people fill the table with homemade cookies for the guests. (We highly encourage every guest to start bringing cookies to all weddings, all the time...)

The crew was ready to dance and our buddy Conrad from Image Entertainment didn't disappoint by keeping the dance floor full.  Now I just have to figure out where to get one of those "Saturdays are for the boys" tshirts! What a blast.  Congrats you two!