Family Photojournalist Association - Winning Photos Round 2

We are so excited to share that McKenzie has won 2 FPJA Pro Awards in the last round of contests for the Family Photojournalist Association!

The Family Photojournalist Association is an online home for professional, documentary family photographers. The FPJA holds a high standard of professionalism and objectivity to find the most authentic and the most original images of your family and friends.

Photographers with the FPJA specialize in 'A Day in the Life' photography.  As most of you know, our passion is REAL LIFE. We treasure life as it is. Regardless of what that looks like, we believe there is immeasurable value in documenting your family "in the wild".

We pick "moments over outfits" any day. While we absolutely love taking beautiful moment-driven portraits of your family in adorable outfits...we go nuts over your family in their pajamas or work boots.

Below are McKenzie's winning photos! The first is from a 'Day in the Life' session done at the Iowa State Fair for the 2017 Cowgirl Queen Contest. This photo is of Brylee's dad giving another contestants dad a pat on the back after a long days work. The amount of time, love, and dedication they put into helping their daughters compete in this contest is absolutely amazing. 

The second photo is of another 'Day in the Life' session done at the the Iowa State Fair. McKenzie spent the day with a family who's son, Austin, was showing sheep. In this photo, Austin's little brother and sister help with the grooming of his sheep.

For those of you that are not from the rural farm towns that we're from, participating in 4H and showing livestock is a huge deal around here! It takes a lot of love, care, and hard work from the entire family. It was so fun to document both of these families and capture the memories of such a big part of their lives!

If we can document a normal 'Day in the Life' for your family, fill out the contact form below!

Be sure to check out Janine's winning photos from the first round of FPJA competitions in February!

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