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Opinions from Two Omaha Wedding Photographers

First, let us start by saying that we LOVE people in love and we LOVE parties that celebrate it. So naturally, we love weddings. There is nothing better than planning a celebration with all the family and friends that love you dearly!

After photographing hundreds of weddings over the years, we've nearly seen it all (we could write a hilarious and endearing book).  And because we're wedding professionals, we're often asked for wedding advice, tips, and ideas.

So what is our greatest piece of advice?

Don't plan a wedding with the intentions to one-up your friends' weddings.  You laugh...but it happens. We've heard the conversations.  You can do and plan whatever kind of a wedding you want. Don't adopt the standard wedding traditions into YOUR day if you don't want to.

Let us explain.

We all seem to have a "wedding season", especially in our 20's. You have friends getting married every weekend. And then, a happy surprise! You get engaged! Instead of taking an inventory of everything your friends have done, just plan a wedding that's representative of you, what you love, and what you love to do together.

Many couples (and parents, for that matter) assume that since they're planning a wedding that they need to do ALLLLL the wedding things.  While we love a traditional wedding (because we simply love you having a blast), you don't HAVE to abide by the typical wedding traditions. The wedding police aren't coming for you. We want to give you permission to simply do whatever your heart desires...whatever that looks like..because so many times we've heard, "I don't want to do this...but we are."  We genuinely love weddings and we think it's important to plan a day that is authentic to you.  A day that will influence amazing memories to carry on your legacy later in life.

A few tips:

1. You don't have to have the same amount of bridesmaids and groomsmen.
If you have 3 best friends that you want as bridesmaids and your groom has 4, who cares? Don't pick your bridal attendants based on numbers. Pick the people that are important in your lives and stick to it. We've said this to people in the past and was asked, "but how will they walk down the aisle?" We answered, "With their legs." It doesn't matter.

Additionally, your bridesmaids don't need to be female and your groomsmen don't need to male. Whoever your most important people are, THEY should be next to you, regardless if they are male, female, gay, straight, LGBTTQQIAAP, or purple. If you love them, they should be on your side.

2. You have to wear a white or ivory dress.
If you want to wear a pink dress, do. If you want to wear a black dress, do (quick shout-out to all our fellow "black is my favorite color" friends). If you want to wear a straight-up gold sequence dress, do. Want to wear a pantsuit? Do! Want to wear a trash bag?  Rock it.  Whatever makes you FEEL beautiful, you should wear it.

3. You have to wear a black tuxedo.
Have you ever seen how men can sweat during a Midwestern Wedding in the summer wearing a black tux?! It's a sweaty mess, y'all. Don't assume you and your gentleman must wear black, or a tux at all. Grey, blue, khaki, jeans, cowboy boots...whatever. Might we suggest something patterned? Something wild? Red velvet jacket anyone?  Guys, whatever makes you FEEL good, wear it.

4. You have to take pretty pictures in a park for an hour+ on your wedding day.
If you'd rather spend your day having fun and making memories with the people you love instead of off taking photos in the distance, we'll support your decision 1,000,000%.  That is all.

5. We have to have wedding cake.
Nope. You sure don't. If you don't like cake, don't have it! Recently we had a couple that LOVES Oreos. They skipped having cake and had an Oreo bar with milk. It's what THEY loved. Pie, cookies, family desserts, ice cream...whatever. But don't feel like you have to have cake just because every wedding you've been to has had it. cake started out as a symbol of fertility in Ancient Rome.  Yep. Fertility, folks.  The cake was broken over the brides head during the ceremony to symbolize fertility. The pieces that fell to the floor were taken by guests for good luck.  Honestly though...we love wedding cake A we'll never turn a piece down.

6. You have to have a beef and chicken dish option.
Now, we're super lucky to have some awesome wedding caterer's in Omaha...and we can thankfully say we're not starving by any means. But, if you don't like a standard chicken or beef dish, consider foods that you seriously love. Tacos. Spaghetti. Pancakes. Burgers. Pizza. Whatever. Don't think that because you're hosting a wedding that you have to have the standard wedding food.  If you're locked into a caterer due to exclusivity at your wedding venue, ask them if they can provide some unique options for you.

Pro Tip: Want a different caterer than your venue will provide? See what their "opt out" cost is. Then get a price quote from the caterer you DO want. Sometimes, the money difference isn't what you expect at all.

7. We have to have a wedding DJ.
Pardon our French, but hell no. Did you know that several of the DJs that play at the bars and clubs in Omaha will happily provide their same experience and service at a wedding? Same with bands. If you're out on the town some night and you're having the best time, pull the musician aside during a break and ask for their contact info to chat with them later about it. Our common theme here is "it's worth an ask".  In the past we've had a few club DJs and they were the BEST. TIME. EVER.

8. We must have a DJ, band, and dancing.
If you know ahead of time that dancing just isn't your thing or your guests, then WHY do it? Just because it's a wedding, doesn't mean it has to have a dance. We've had couples that have done karaoke and mingled all night long.  Roller skating. Play yard games and have a bonfire. Have dueling pianos (this is a BLAST). You can do whatever you want. Personally, we'd love to see a couple arrange a comedy show for their guests. You know...Funny Bone style.  Eat your meal and laugh with your guests. How fun would that be?!  Your wedding doesn't have to be just a reception. It can be an experience.

In Closing...

At the end of the day, your wedding day is about you, and the person you love, BEING in love, and sharing that with the most important people around you.  No matter what that looks like.  If that looks subtle and quaint, we support you.  If that looks loud and wild, we support you.  We give you permission to be yourselves and to plan a wedding day that looks like you.

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