Lincoln, Nebraska Apothecary Building Wedding | Matt + Heather

Heather and Matt were referred to us by some sweet photographer friends and peers of ours, The Hannah's, out of Vermont.  Megan and Heather were friends from a previous job and she would be a bridesmaid in the wedding. There is NO greater compliment than having great photographers refer you to their own special people. So for that, Jacob and Megan, we thank you dearly! (Additionally, if anyone wants to get married in Vermont, take us with you and perhaps the Hannah's would join us to make a Quattro of Power photography team...anyone?)
Heather and Matt had an intimate ceremony in the Apothecary Building in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Their guests surrounded them as they said their vows and Heather's friend and bridesmaid, Zuri, sang her HEART out. It was incredible.  Following their ceremony, The Green Gateau served up breakfast for dinner and ice cream from Ivana Cone was dished up.  There is a chance we ate too many biscuits and gravy and hovered over the ice cream bar.  They had every game available for their guests to play and all the classics playing on the dance floor.  It was such a fun and unique day and we were so happy to have been a part of it.