Santa Photos in Omaha - Christmas 2017

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We can't thank you all enough for making it to our Annual Santa Shoot!  We've been doing this fun little tradition for years now and we have to say, it's one of our favorite ways to photograph your family.  We love photographing a classic Santa photo...with all the tears...and all the joy.  It's equally hilarious and heartwarming.  We have so many memories from the years that we've done these Santa photos in Omaha, that we genuinely laugh reminiscing about them as the years go on and your families get older and bigger.

We had SO MANY past wedding couples (and future!) come into our Santa sessions this year and our hearts exploded all over the place.  I'm not sure you all realize how EXCITED we get to see you again!  We joke that we feel like you're our best friend when we're photographing your wedding...but we really develop a bond with you...and we miss you when you leave.  So when you come back with your families, your dogs, or your new spouse that has NEVER sat on Santa's lap ever (cheers to you Josh!)...we feel honored, excited, and completely blessed to have you in our family.  So thank you.  We love you.  And we love your babies.  And your big kids.  And your dogs.  And your cats.  

Not only did we have a huge number of past couples and future ones...we had a TON of new people stop in!  First, we must say, hello...thank you for coming in...and welcome to "our crazy".  We loved meeting you, even if brief, and would absolutely LOVE to see you again!  We're so grateful that you chose our quaint little local Omaha photography studio to make a family memory.  We know you could have chosen every Bass Pro Shop in the Midwest to go to, but you chose us, and that made us feel like we made the Nice List.  So thank you.

With that, in general, thank you.  From the bottom of our hearts.  We've had such a fantastic year documenting memories for your family and it was a pleasure capturing this one for you too. May you too, end up on the Nice List.  Or if you're not, that's fine too.  We've probably tipped our toe on that list a time or two this year. ;)

With love,
Janine + McKenzie

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