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You know the SNL skit where Bill Hader's charecter "Stefon" gives the "Hottest Tips" on Weekend Update?  No? (You're welcome.) Well...I can't help but feel like Stefon on this blog because "If you're looking for a good time, look no further...this place has it all".  Really.

When I met with Christi and Josh for the first time, I had no idea what I would be walking into, and every time I would excitedly pass on my experience with them to my friends and family, I would get comments like "What?", "All at one time?", and "Is this real?".  And I would get to answer "YES!" to all of those questions.  

Christi and Josh didn't just want a wedding.  They simply wanted to create an experience and memories for their friends, family, and most importantly, their kids.  Their wedding wasn't about unimportant table decor, flawless floral arrangements, or the best wedding venues in Omaha.  Their wedding was purely about their fearless love, making their families one, and celebrating who they are and what they love as a couple.  And that made our job THE EASIEST.  It helped that there was a yellow brick road...a Peter Pan ring bearer and Wendy flower girl...a 6'7" Darth Vader...Boba Fett walking Christi down the aisle...The Pancake Man...tattooed wedding rings...and Buck Hunter.

The wedding began at 11:11 on 11/11 (Veteran's Day)...Christi surprised Josh with a SLEW of Star Wars characters walking her down the aisle.  The funniest thing is that Josh actually thought that Christi was dressed up as one at first because he hadn't seen her yet that day!  (Side Note: I am actually TERRIFIED of "mascots" and people in costumes.  Let alone a near-exact replicated Darth Vader that is 6'7" and making the notorious breathing noise throughout the entire ceremony.  I overcame my own fears that day.)  They were married by a friend of Josh's and read their vows from scrolls.  After their ceremony our buddy, The Pancake Man, tossed pancakes at their guests and we at A LOT of pancakes.  A LOT.  From there, we loaded onto a bus and headed to Benson where Christi and Josh had their wedding rings tattooed on them at Sailor's Grave by a longtime friend of theirs.  After the ink, their wedding party and kids played games at Beercade and we bussed our way to Two Fine Irishmen where their guests ate, played games, and danced the night away to their friends band (and a personal favorite of ours), Lemon Fresh Day.

The day was perfect, because it was perfect for them...and that made it absolutely perfect for us.

Christi and Josh, we can't thank you enough for trusting us with your day and memories...and for giving us an experience of our own.  We had a blast and we're so thankful we were there to witness your family grow.  May your lives be just as magical as you are!

McKenzie + Janine

Hair and Makeup by Curb Appeal...Dress by David's Bridal...Flowers by the as seen on Sharktank, EcoFlower...Honeymoon to Disneyland!