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Wedding Memories of Omaha


We are SO incredibly lucky that we get to spend our Saturdays working with the best wedding vendors in Omaha.  Truly.  We LOVE our careers deeply, but wedding season is admittedly exhausting!  We put in a shameful amount of working hours, eat a concerning amount of buttered dinner rolls, and miss out on time with our families.  HOWEVER, if we're going to be doing what we love to do, it's a part of the gig...and we wouldn't want to spend it with anyone other than you, and the freakin' awesome people we work with.  For example, Wedding Memories of of our absolute favorite wedding videographers.

Michael and the team at Wedding Memories of Omaha is a true hoot to work with.  They are smaaaaaaart, hilarious, and make beautiful art for their/our clients.  We have worked with them enough to now be dear friends, meet for coffee and drinks "off camera", and collaborate on weddings easily.

If you're looking for an Omaha wedding videographer, we highly, highly recommend Wedding Memories of Omaha.  There's nobody else we'd rather party bus with.