When is the best time for family photos?

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Spring weather will FINALLY be coming this week to the midwest- finally!  Does that mean it's the time to schedule family photos? Maybe fall is better...or do I wait for Christmas cards?

This is the 2nd most asked question we get here at the studio.  (We'll leave you guessing for the most popular question).  

Everyone has their own timeline in their heads.  We often hear things like, "when the leaves change color", "when I lose 15 pounds", "when my child can behave, walk, nap, get their braces off, not have acne, smile right, stop fidgeting... " We do this too! Guys, it’s totally normal! 

So here's the newsflash.  Life is messy.  It is not perfect. It’s always fluid and changing.  Thank God for that! If it didn't we'd be boring as heck!

So, the time is actually right now.  Right now with all its imperfections.  I promise you you'll look back with such fondess at all of it.  But, you can only do that if you document it.  

Whether is it a portrait session, a day in the life, a mini shoot- just make sure you do it! We recommend them all as they all tell a different story.

Recently I photographed my middle daughter, Eva.  Those middle kids...they can get lost in the shuffle and I desperately want to remember her at this stage.  Age 7. The year when she had no teeth, only wore her hair in braids, and was full of personality. 

These photos mean so much to me now, but I know when she's 18 they'll mean even more.  Guys, the time is always now.  Photograph your kids, yourselves, your life as often as you can. 


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