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Omaha Senior Photographers

I loved Meg's senior photo session in Omaha a few weeks ago!  She is SO easy and lovely to photograph.  She giggles naturally, making the most fantastic and genuine smiles.  They're infections.  

Meg is SO dang brilliant and I loved making images of her that are timeless and genuine to her character and personality in this time of her life.  Her one request, "We don't really want anything that involves a ballgown and a throne"...all I could think was, "trust me...I know..."  If you haven't seen MY senior photo from 2001...I'm happy to entertain you (click here) #regrets. I think we accomplished that with ease.  Something that I thought was SO cool, is that she found the dress her mom wore to her aunt's wedding years back and wanted to wear it for one of her looks.  I thought it was GORGEOUS on her and so thoughtful.  It will mean something to her, her mom, her aunt, and so many more...and that's pretty rad to me.

Meg and family - Thank you for having me photograph this insanely smart beauty!  I'm excited to see what the future holds!  And there's still time for her to be a Hawkeye...just sayin'...  ;)

<3  McKenzie

This was a pretty hard core trend in 2001. Yep. I’m in a gazeebo. Yep, I’m wearing my prom dress. Yep, that’s my softball catchers gear. It’s a lot of look. Not that I’ve ever wanted, in this current stage of my life, a large portrait of myself at 16...but if I did...I’d certainly want one that was just timeless...and a little less...gazeebo-ey...
— McKenzie
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