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Allison and Brian's wedding in Omaha was a hot one!  We could easily say it was one of the hottest Saturday's we've had this summer in Omaha...and go figure...the air conditioner was broken at their church, Shepherd of the Hills.  To say their love was hot, is an understatement.  Even though it was a "smidge warm" in the church, we couldn't help but enjoy watching everyone roll in with fans.  For us, it was a super fun element to the day that helped tell us tell every aspect of their story...even how hot it was outside.

We hate to say that we love when things go a bit awry...buuuuuut...we do.  Not because we enjoy the demise and the added stress it may bring, but we seriously LOVE stories.  And typically when something goes wrong, a story comes with it.  For example, there was a bit of a bridesmaid dress issue at Allison and Brian's wedding.  We can't really confirm what the problem was exactly, but we can confirm that Allison's mom is Wonder Woman.  This bridesmaid dress had a serious zipper issue and time was not on anyone's side.  So what does Allison's mom do?  She finds the SAME COLOR CONSTRUCTION PAPER in the church nursery and quilts the dang dress together with it!  WHAT?!  Honestly, we're still blown away by how handy this woman is.  Not only is she a master bridesmaid dress quilter, she also made their wedding cake (shout out to our fellow Game of Thrones fans), did all of the reception table pieces and candy bar (and so much more).  She is nothing short of amazing.

What was SO incredibly sweet to see was not only how much they LOVE each other, and how excited they were to be married, but how excited they were to become a family.  Their wedding day wasn't just about a pretty wedding dress and a huge party, it was about the 4 of them loving and living life together.  Their unique wedding ceremony included sweet words to Brian's kids, promises, and putting the pieces of their own circle together.  It was such a sweet touch and their wasn't a dry eye in sight.

Once their ceremony was over and everyone composed themselves after many a tear, we hopped onto the most HILARIOUS party bus in Omaha ever.  It came with a saddle and a bathtub.  Why?  No clue.  But it certainly made Brian discover that he knows how to pommel horse.  We're still laughing about this!

Their reception was held at il Palazzo and it was lovely.  Brian's daughter gave the sweetest toast and the tears came rolling all over again.  They danced the night away and we 100% left with smiles from ear to ear.

Allison and Brian, thank you so much for having us be a part of your day!  Our hearts grew.  Congratulations!

Janine (+ Mac)

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