WPJA Award Winners!

Award Winning Omaha Wedding Photographers

We’re pumped to announce that Janine has recently won some awesome awards through the WPJA! As longtime Omaha wedding photographers, we’re on a consistent mission to spread the importance of documenting the real moments on one of the most special days of your life.

What is the WPJA?

The WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) connections brides and grooms with the best and most renown wedding photographers across the world, specializing in wedding photojournalism.

It just so happens that the WPJA also hosts photography contests throughout the year to honor the real moments in weddings. The emotional stuff, the funny stuff, the memorable stuff that will mean so much more to you years from now.

For us, it’s not about the wedding plans and the decorations. Sure, they’re fun, gorgeous, and important in their own way…but to us, weddings are about your best friends, your family, and celebrating with them.

We feel so lucky to represent and profess our love for photojournalism amongst our colleagues of Omaha wedding photographers.

About Janine’s Awards

This time around:
Janine has won a Masterpiece award for her photo of our previous groom, Chris, as he waits for his time to walk down the aisle to marry his bride, Emma. Anyone from the midwest knows how common this scene is. Busch Light, cowboy boots, and a room full of camouflage. This Springfield, South Dakota wedding was a DREAM and we can’t wait to get the blog up!

Janine also has won a Honor Award for her photo from Beth and Brad’s wedding at The Pella at Blackstone. There’s nothing better than a smooch after you thank your guests for coming!

Lastly, Janine won a Diamond Award from the Pre-Wedding Photographers Engagement Portrait contest!

Basically, Janine is killing it these days.

If you’d like to book Janine as your Omaha wedding photographer or ANYWHERE wedding photographer, send us a message!