Spielbound Engagement Photos in Omaha | Kevin + Stacy

Battleship and Beers

Engagement Photos in Omaha

One of Kevin and Stacy's first dates was at the AMAZING board game cafe in Omaha, Spielbound. Spending a little time here for their engagement session was absolute perfection.  This place BLEW MY MIND!  It's so great!  What a fun date night or family night place!  You can order coffee or beer and play one of the many bazillion games they have there!  Did I spend the majority of our time there gaping with excitement?  Yes.

Kevin and Stacy grabbed some Battleship and a beer and started sinking ships.  Stacy may or may not have won that game, but Kevin swept up with his Skip-Bo skills.  After some game time we went to the park for some portraits and never brought up the Battleship loss again.  ;)

This was SUCH a fun date night engagement session!  I can't wait for their September wedding!


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